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Finite Element Analysis

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CRT's association with the finite element method stems from experience developing software products which pick up where the finite element programs leave off. CRT offers a rich history of software development for many different commercially available FE codes including ANSYS, the MSC codes, COSMOS/M, and MARC.

Our design experience covers the aerospace, automotive, biomedical and energy related industries. We have been involved in the design of components in each of these sectors. This has entailed both analysis and post processor code development. The post processing code development has focused on many complex design issues such as fatigue, creep and life prediction. Tightly integrating this software with the various FE codes has been one of CRT's fortes.

Examples of our capabilities include:

  • Development of ANSYS macro files for model generation and design automation
  • The use of ANSYS Parameteric Design Language (APDL) coupled with Windows based GUI's for model generation and design automation
  • Component optimization using finite element analysis
  • Development of Life assessing software for FE post-processing


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