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Ceramic Component Design

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Ceramic component design and life prediction has been one of CRT's fortes for several years. Our involvement in several government funded programs such as NASA's EPM and HITEMP and DOE's Ceramic Technology Program has kept us at the forefront of ceramic design technology. The members of CRT have been involved in all aspects of software development for the popular and publicly available ceramic design program CARES (formerly developed by the NASA Glenn Life Prediction Branch) as well as the DoE funded ERICA program. From theory generation to graphical user interface development, the members of CRT have been integral parts of the development teams for these programs.

Our experience in finite element analysis and ceramic design can help your company solve challenges utilizing ceramic and ceramic based material systems for component applications. Rather it involves the use of the public domain codes or developing a proprietary code for your own use, CRT is well positioned to address your ceramic design needs.


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