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East End Welding Inc.

CRT designed an enclosure for a proposed sand blasting operation that was conceptualized by the Fuller Design Group AIA (Kent, Ohio). The enclosure is an extension of an existing metal fabrication facility owned and operated by East End Welding (Tallmadge, Ohio). Thus the design of the new addition required blending into the existing building style while maximizing clear floor area for the overhead cranes used to maneuver parts around the shop floor. To accomplish this design objective a steel frame was utilized that required structural components around just the perimeter of the enclosure – interior support columns were not required. The structural system consisted of a built up metal roof deck supported with steel truss girders (manufactured by Nicholas J. Bouras, Inc.) which in turn were supported by steel columns. The non-bearing walls were supported by wind columns. CRT analyzed and design both the structural frame, the overhead crane rail support system and the foundation system for this project..

Work in progress at East End Welding… View of the north face of the enclosure including the blast house located in the interior of the building. Braced wind columns are in the foreground. Overhead crane rails span the east and west walls. Structural steel, including columns, bar joists, and bracing were specified by CRT.

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