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Below is a list of CRT's soil test capabilities with the associated ASTM Designation.

Test Description
ASTM Designation
Atterberg Limits ASTM D423, ASTM D424, & ASTM D427
Grain Size Analysis Mechanical Method ASTM D421
Grain Size Analysis Hydrometer Method ASTM D422
Specific Gravity ASTM D854
Proctor Test (Compaction) ASTM D698 & ASTM D1557
Permeability Test (Constant Head & Falling Head) ASTM D2434
Consolidation Test ASTM D2435
Unconfined Compression Test ASTM D2166
Triaxial Test ASTM D2850
Direct Shear Test ASTM D3080
Relative Density ASTM D2049
California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Test ASTM D1883
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